Endearing tales of caring & sharing

Concept from Naples – Suspended Coffee



The Storico Gran Caffè Gambrinus, which honors the Neapolitan tradition of the “suspended coffee.” The practice, which boomed during World War II, has found a revival in recent years.CreditGianni Cipriano for The New York Times



If only we could too…

Reading about suspended coffee and coffee on the wall, one wishes that we could do something similar here at home in India. Chennai, may be, for a start? But then, the warning bells start ringing, used as we are to mismanagement and corruption in most public or private distribution systems.

What are we taking about? It’s simple really. When I order a coffee for myself, I order one or two more and pay for it to remain ‘suspended’. Perhaps a post it on the wall goes up to say the counter has 2 paid cups of coffee ‘suspended’. When someone in need of a coffee comes in and can’t afford to pay, they ask if there are supended coffees for the day and if the answer is yes, they drink a cup on the house and move on. Grateful.

How simple. How kind. How eminently possible. But in a society that sells ration shop provisions at half -market price to domestic help, is it really possible?

It’s all about giving, caring and sharing. Little wonder that the practice boomed in World War times. It is remarkable, how humane ideas surface at times of dire stress.

Remember the Chennai floods?

One more to the wish list. Until someone, anyone dares to make it happen.

Any thoughts? Do share. We’d love to hear from you.


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