Advitiya…. Your World

  Advitiya, a world as unique as you are.

I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”icecream cart111
Oscar Wilde

 Who could have said it better and spoken for most of us, if not all?

If you belong to this club that believes in simply nothing but the best, welcome to your world. The world of Advitiya – a world like none other.

Here, you will find stories of simple things that give you happiness, for aren’t things of beauty a joy in themselves? Immerse yourself in tales of pretty stuff. Functional, Festive, Funky et al. The Exotic, the mundane, the trivial and the tremendous; all of it matters, when you can’t be content with the ordinary.

Find yourself here. Lose yourself here.

We invite articles from our readers. Write for us. Suggest topics that are of interest to you. Create a virtual club that you influence and run, at your own time and space.

Start now. Register yourself and start commenting, writing, suggesting…

Advitiya. You world. Like none other.

We tell you stories | We also run a store.

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