Pre school Prep


Starting school is as daunting for a child as it is for the parents.
The emotional turmoil,separation anxiety, new environment, new people , new everything takes a toll on them.
A systematic / pre planned approach might prepare and help the child to deal with it in a better way possibly resulting in settling process smoother.
Few pointers for prepping
👉 Talking about your childhood. Reassuring them again and again will make them realise that its a natural progression and everybody goes through this.
👉 Books that talks about going to school helps them visualise the concept of schools and playschools.
👉 Sharing positive factors about new friends, toys, activities in a healthy but subtle way
👉Finally , involving them in the process like taking them on a school tour, letting them choose their cloths, bags and stationery.
The entire process is tiresome and overwhelming but patience does help a lot. While ,we at Advitiya would’nt be able to help you with the first three pointers , we can definitely take care of the last one.
Let your child find joy in putting together a design of their choice with the motifs of their favourite character / thing while they gear up for their big day.
Get your child to our store at Vettuvankani and let them have fun while choosing and we will make sure we deliver it to them the way they like 🙂
Personalise it for them and it gets even more memorable.
What’s more?
We have combo offers right now at the store from bags to napkins and place mats. You name it and we customize it for you.
Happy schooling

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